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About Us

Our Focus: Construction Law

Kirwin Norris has been representing clients in construction disputes from the first day we opened our doors.

That’s every lawyer, every day, for nearly twenty-five years. Kirwin Norris lawyers have represented virtually every party in any way involved with the construction process. Our core client base consists of commercial general contractors and large public and private construction owners. We have represented multitudes of architects and engineers, sureties and insurance companies, subcontractors and suppliers, and manufacturers and individuals.

Our Goal: Problem Solving and Prevention

At Kirwin Norris, our goal is to not just solve your legal issues but to also prevent others from happening.

When it comes to representing our clients, Kirwin Norris becomes a part of the team from the beginning of the construction project. Early involvement enables us to assist our clients in creating the preventative measures that minimize liability and promote project success. This early involvement includes not just contract drafting and negotiation, but also a review of insurance coverage requirements, safety programs, and overall project documentation processes so that the systems are in place to significantly reduce risk in what is an otherwise very risky business.

Our Secret Weapon: Creativity

Creativity at Kirwin Norris is the process of applying innovative solutions to existing construction disputes.

It is a core competency that must be possessed in order to work at our firm. But originality is not enough; creativity is a skill born from experience and preparation. You must know and understand construction and construction law in order to provide creative answers to the varied issues that can arise on a project. We approach those issues from unexpected angles and identify issues that others overlook.

In partnership with our clients, we consider all possible approaches in order to achieve results that really work.

Our Capabilities: Excellence In and Out of the Courtroom

Kirwin Norris’ lawyers are equally adept at providing meaningful advice during construction outside the courtroom and complex argument during trial in the courtroom.

It’s the ability to find reasonable solutions while the project is underway and when nerves are frayed that often keeps our clients out of protracted legal fights. And just like our clients, our reputation in the construction community is paramount. We don’t seek out the fight merely for our professional gain. We look to solve the problem. But when that problem can’t be solved out of the courtroom, that’s when our legal capability is truly needed and provided.

At Kirwin Norris, we know the leading principles and arcane rules of construction law and unyieldingly advocate them for our clients.