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Construction Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance policies provide essential protection to companies involved in all aspects of construction projects, and maintaining adequate insurance coverage is a core component of an effective risk mitigation strategy. When negotiating contracts in relation to construction projects, parties across the construction industry must ensure that the terms of their agreements address applicable insurance coverage to cover the risks associated with the project. From questions as to the type of coverage, policy interpretation, and issues pertaining to third-party and additional-insured claims, disputes can arise under a broad range of circumstances. Favorably resolving all types of insurance considerations, claims, and disputes requires experienced legal representation.  

At Kirwin Norris, P.A., we represent parties across the construction industry in first-party and third-party insurance coverage disputes in connection with construction projects throughout Florida. We have extensive experience handling these matters on behalf of property owners, contractors, subcontractors, professional firms and other entities, and we have helped our clients secure coverage both in and out of court. Our experience encompasses insurance coverage disputes involving all types of policies, including commercial general liability (CGL), builder’s risk and property insurance, professional liability, commercial auto, workers’ compensation and employer’s liability, as well as manuscript and types of policies relative to the needs of the project. We also have experience dealing with policies included in an Owner’s Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) or Contractor’s Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP).

One Firm. One Focus. Construction Law.

Areas of Focus

  • Resolving insurance coverage disputes between contracting parties and insurance companies at all phases of construction.
  • Helping our clients evaluate insurance coverage, the viability of insurance claims and the risk of litigation arising out of an insurance coverage dispute.
  • Drafting insurance provisions in construction agreements and working with a client’s insurance broker to maximize insurance coverage and allocate risk.
  • Handling contract disputes between property owners, contractors, subcontractors and other parties related to insurance coverage, indemnification obligations, additional insured status, and related terms.
  • Representing policyholders in insurance coverage disputes involving first-party claims arising during or out of construction projects.
  • Representing and defending third-parties in disputes involving insurance including defects, errors and omissions, delays, accidents and other unexpected occurrences.