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Real Estate

Construction and real estate go hand in hand. From acquisition and financing through development and use, and from project planning through project execution, construction and real estate are inseparably intertwined. As a result, when acquiring a parcel of real property or preparing to build, demolish or repurpose an existing structure, it is essential to rely on a law firm that understands the legal implications not only from a real estate law perspective, but from a construction law perspective as well.

At Kirwin Norris, P.A., our practice is devoted to representing clients in construction and real estate matters. We represent our clients in transactions and disputes, and we represent our clients at all stages of their real estate and construction-related endeavors. In addition to handling matters that are specific to construction (such as bond and lien claims), we handle matters on the business side of real estate development as well. This includes matters in the areas of:

Commercial and Residential Lending

We have extensive experience representing borrowers and lenders in real estate acquisition and construction financing transactions. Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of these complex transactions, and we offer our clients deep insights and practical advice based on decades of real-world experience.

Commercial and Residential Sales, Acquisitions and Development

Beyond financing terms, commercial and residential sales, acquisitions and development projects present various other legal issues as well. We help our clients make informed decisions with their immediate needs and long-term best interests in mind, and we ensure that all pertinent legal considerations have been duly addressed before our clients move forward.

Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Whether seeking to procure tenants during construction or re-leasing an existing commercial space, property owners must consider a multitude of legal, financial and practical issues when structuring their commercial lease agreements. We draft and negotiate commercial leases on behalf of property owners throughout Florida, and we provide representation for current and prospective commercial tenants as well. Our attorneys also have extensive experience representing commercial landlords and tenants in mediation, arbitration and litigation involving lease-related issues.

Title Services

Title issues get overlooked during real estate deals with surprising frequency. When purchasing or developing a piece of real property in Florida, it is essential to ensure clear title—and to proactively resolve any title issues as necessary. We provide comprehensive title services to our clients, including conducting title searches, evaluating title insurance and efficiently resolving title-related disputes.

Areas of Focus

  • Representing lenders and borrowers in commercial and residential real estate financing transactions involving both improved and vacant properties.
  • Representing buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate acquisitions and sales.
  • Representing developers and other companies with regard to all aspects of financing, contracting, compliance and dispute resolution.
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial leases, and representing commercial landlords and tenants in lease-related litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
  • Providing comprehensive title services prior to real estate acquisitions and development projects, and resolving title-related issues as necessary through negotiations, litigation, ADR and administrative proceedings.