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Payment & Performance Bond Claims

Payment and performance bonds are essential to the construction industry. These bonds instill confidence that all parties will perform and get paid, and they provide legal remedies in the event that a property owner or contractor fails to meet its contractual obligations. While most payment and performance bonds expire without execution, when a contractor fails to perform or a subcontractor or supplier demands payment from a property owner, filing a bond claim can be essential to avoiding unnecessary liability and mitigating the risks of costly and protracted litigation.

With more than 20 years of experience representing property owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers throughout Florida, our firm is uniquely positioned to effectively represent companies with respect to payment and performance bond claims. In addition to private payment and performance bond claims, we handle bond claims involving public construction projects as well. This includes claims involving bonds for federal projects under the Miller Act. Our attorneys can help you understand your company’s legal rights and obligations, and we can help you make informed and strategic decisions about pursuing or defending against a claim.

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Areas of Focus

  • Representing property owners and developers in claims to enforce contractors’ obligations under performance bonds for private construction contracts.
  • Representing property owners, developers and contractors in payment bond claim disputes involving subcontractors and suppliers, including disputes involving mechanic’s liens.
  • Representing subcontractors and suppliers in claims for payment and disputes involving mechanic’s liens, allegations of deficient performance or nonperformance, and other matters.
  • Representing sureties in payment and performance bond claims and disputes involving construction projects throughout Florida.
  • Representing private parties in payment and performance bond claims involving public construction projects.
  • Representing condominium associations and other entities in payment and performance bond claims as successors to property owners’ and developers’ rights.