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Douglas W. Ackerman Wins and Collects Attorneys’ Fees and Cost Judgment

Wed 9th Apr, 2014 Press and Media

Orlando, Florida – In April 2014, the firm was pleased to announce that Douglas W. Ackerman, won a trial on behalf of a developer against a major elevator company in Miami-Dade County’s historic courthouse. The original judgment included the client’s entitlement to attorneys’ fees and costs.

Subsequently, the recalcitrant elevator company elected to contest the amount of attorneys’ fees and costs through yet another “mini-trial” on attorneys’ fees and costs. After consultation and preparation with a local Miami-Dade County expert witness on attorneys’ fees, Mr. Ackerman presented the expert’s testimony and his own testimony at the “mini-trial”, ultimately securing a judgment of 83% of the client’s attorneys’ fees and over 90% of the client’s court costs. Mr. Ackerman also secured reimbursement of the cost of the expert. (In effect, the elevator company paid for the client’s expert to testify against it.) Finally, Mr. Ackerman actually collected the judgment on the client’s behalf.

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