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ABC’s 12th Annual Chili Cook-Off

Thu 6th Nov, 2014 Company News

November began with Kirwin Norris participating in ABC’s 12th Annual Chili Cook-off which took place at The Bahia Shrine on November 6, 2014. Every team came up with a theme and costumes for their booth. Kirwin Norris’ theme this year was Studio 54 and what a groovy time it was! Three members of Kirwin Norris’ staff, Brigette, Laura and Danielle, had the task of creating the tasty chili concoction, decorating the booth, and stamping the hands of patrons for entry into Studio 54. There were disco balls, lots of glitter and lots of bling! Kirwin Norris had a great time participating in the event with its fellow ABC members and the disco chili was pretty good too!

Check out some pics on our Facebook page!